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This page is full of valuable resources that can be used to find clinics, support groups and other important services that can make living with an STD easier. Its a good idea to check this page frequently to see what new resources have been added, also, if you know of any resources that you think should be on this page please contact us and let us know by emailing support@StopsWithUs.Com
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The following website offers a free service for individuals who have recently found out they are positive for an STD. The site offers anonymous or personal email notification postcards that an individual can send to their recent partners, letting them know they should get tested. It is well known that the sooner people can find out they have an STD, the lower the overall infection rate will be.

The National Association of People With AIDS has a great resource on their site that allows users to search for organizations that offer services to people living with HIV/AIDS. You can search by location, services offered, name, populations served, languages spoken etc. Here is a direct link to the search directory page.

The following website has a wealth of heath related information ranging from symptoms and treatment methods for STDs and other illnesses to healthy living and eating tips as well as much, much more.

below are direct resources

Genital Herpes Health Center
One in five American adults has genital herpes and may not know it. Here you'll find information about genital herpes and prevention, treatment, and suppression. Plus, find support and experts in our online message boards.

Find intimacy and sex advice for a health love life and better sex.

Hepatitis Health Center
Hepatitis A, B, and C are viral infections that, combined, affect an estimated 5% to 6% of Americans. Get in-depth articles here about hepatitis symptoms, diagnosis, and treatments. Plus, find daily help in our online support groups.

HIV&AIDS Health Center
HIV/AIDS infects an estimated 5 million people worldwide each year. Up to 950,000 people live with HIV in the U.S. alone. Find articles here about HIV/AIDS treatment, transmission, and prevention, as well as information on safe sex and daily support.

Sexual Conditions Health Center
Sexual health is a field of growing importance. Here you'll find in-depth articles on men's and women's sexual health issues and STD information. Plus, you can get answers to your sexual health questions on our online message boards.

The Center for Disease Control has a section of their website dedicated entirely to STDs. The site has symptoms, facts, statistics and treatment for all major STDs.

The Well Project is an advocacy resource group primairly for HIV positive women, if thats you and you have recently been diagnosed, it may be a good place to start.

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The American Social Health Association website has a wide range of resources ranging from information to support groups. The ASHA also has a hotline you can call if you have any questions regarding Sexually transmitted infections STDs. Below are the links to the ASHA homepage and the ASHA STI resource center hotline page.

www.DatingWithHerpes.Org is a great resource for individuals living with Herpes. This site offers a large list of social groups by region, other dating sites you can check out (however StopsWithUs.Com is by far the best) as well as tips on how to tell someone you have Herpes, these tips work well for disclosing about other STDs as well. The site also has many other valuable resources that are worth checking out as well.

This website has tons of information about Herpes including the difference between HSV1 and HSV2, testing, medication and support groups as well as many other helpful bits of information.

This is a great resource that has tons of information about what the US government is doing with regards to AIDS treatment and prevention.

Here is another great resource for those with HIV and AIDs, the second link provides information directly on when you can get tested for HIV and when it shows up in the body.

The following link has lots of information about international travel restrictions for people with HIV, if your positive and planning on traveling, its worth checking out.

The following link has information on when symptoms of various STDs show up.

This site is a blog about living with Herpes, it may be helpful for developing a healthy perspective on such a situation.

other std dating sites

Here is a partial list of other STD dating sites, below the list there is a little bit of info about some of them.

wd web connections is a site heavily focused on offering message boards, posts and discussions between members. It is a free dating site for individuals living with STDs and when last checked had about 5,000 members. is a paid dating site, basically offers the same services as other dating sites like but you need to pay a monthly fee to be a member. This site is an affiliate of is one of the larger dating sites for individuals with STDs. Many of the other STD dating sites are affiliates of this site, and has been around for almost a decade. These two factors give the site a large number of members to search through. However, since the site has been around for some time, many of the profiles are no longer checked or valid. Its free to create a basic profile but in order to have full functionality, to contact and be contacted, you need to subscribe and pay a monthly fee.

MPWH is an online dating and message board community specifically for individuals with herpes and you can be contacted by other members and build a profile for free but in order to respond to those members you need a paid membership. is a dating site for individuals living with Herpes and HPV. The site does contain some basic information about Herpes and HPV. As of last time checked the site had 45,000 members. This is a paid site, if you want to see full profiles and contact other members you need to buy the monthly membership. is a dating site with only about 60 members, a new site but may become more developed in the future.

Non STD dating sites

Many people have had luck with non STD dating sites and simply state in their profile that they have an STD and what it is. It has worked for some but we do urge you, that if you do decide to go this route, please be responsible and tell every partner about your ailment before putting them at risk to it, not that it needed to be said, if your on this site you were probably going to do that anyways, but its just a friendly reminder. So here is the list...

other resources

This site has a comparison of several over the counter Herpes medicines. The site also has information about herpes. The main product recommended or advertised is Medavir. More information about this product can be found at . StopsWithUs.Com does not recommend or endorse any medical products.

The following site has various herbal remedies that may help for herpes, they have a special page dedicated to herpes that may be helpful for some. Some herbs may be able to boost your immune system which can lead to shorter and less frequent outbreaks.

This site offers reviews and top 10 lists for many different types of services, one of which is STD dating websites. The following link goes directly to this top 10 list. On this site you can check out a little bit of information about other main STD dating websites and get an idea of whats offered.

This site has some nutritional information that can be helpful for those living with HIV/AIDS.

a free online dating site for people with STDs and HIV.