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Guild Wars 2: ready for the sale of new content

Guild Wars 2 is the kind of not on sale but you can feel it will be great games.We have been very concerned about the movements of the game. Catch before the game is released, we are lucky enough to chat with game designer Mike Zadorojny, the game's dynamic future.

The conversation ranged from the game on sale last week of development. Mike says that these days the games release date …

Grrrrrrrrr technophobe !!!!!!!

(Sigh) Stupidly I was trying my hardest to be all sexy, mysterious and come across as super intelligent and have just ended up falling on my arse, tits up. I'm now going to break into a HUGE rant about how I spent about 3 or 4 hours writing one of the most creative, inspiring, thought provoking, heart warming blogs I could ever think of and was feeling super smug until I pressed the submit button …


アイパートナーズという会社 で副業を始めました。何回か



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