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The best, 100% free Std dating online site for singles and friends living with STDs.

More than half of all Americans will have an STD at some point in their life, over 65 million already do and the infection rate is above 19 million a year. If you have an incurable STD you are certainly not alone. StopsWithUs.Com is a 100% free dating website for responsible adults living with STDs who choose to be part of the solution, not the problem. StopsWithUs.Com exists to offer people like you a choice- a choice to have a happy and healthy love life with no worries of ever contributing to new infections. Your decision to be a part of this online community speaks not only of your high moral character, but of your expectation of it in others. Welcome, and on behalf of the team we are glad that you have decided that STDs stops with us!

"After I found out I had HPV I thought I would be alone for the rest of my life. Thanks to I have met my true love, She loves me for who I am and regardless of what we have."
Charlie Camp, Hayward California

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